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    Amazon Gift Cards are an amazing gift option for indecisive individuals. What makes this gift so great is the fact that the recipient can choose between millions of items across Amazon’s store. If you’re worried that these cards will expire as most others do, don’t worry - gift cards never expire.

    Gift card recipients will be able to choose their own gift and purchase it on the spot. Or, they could wait for an awesome Black Friday sale and use the gift card to score amazing deals. If the gift card recipient, for some reason, doesn’t want to use the gift card and wants to exchange it for cash instead, that is also a viable option. They can sell the gift card code on various gift card exchange websites and services.

    Redeeming an Amazon Gift Card is both easy and convenient. The recipient receives a gift card with a unique code in their inbox. All they need to do is to log in to their Amazon accounts, open their account settings, enter the unique code, and the amount will be fully applied to their account. Very quick and easy.

    Once the amount has been applied to the recipient’s account, they can choose to spend it as they wish. Amazon always offers incredible discounts, so they might even get their favorite item on sale. Get your Amazon Gift Card now and surprise your loved ones.


Amazon once again broke labor laws during New York unionization drive, judge rules
Amazon once again broke labor laws during New York unionization drive, judge rules

Last month, Amazon failed to overturn a Staten Island warehouse's vote to unionize and now it has taken another loss. A National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) judge has ruled that the the company broke federal labor laws in an effort to push back a unionization drive at that facility and another that voted against the union, The New York Times has reported. Amazon can still appeal the ruling to the NLRB's Washington board.Federal administrative judge Benjamin Green ruled that Amazon supervisors unlawfully threatened wage increases and benefits if workers formed a union. The company also violated the law by removing a worker's post on a digital message board inviting co-workers to sign an Amazon Labor Union petition to make Juneteenth a paid holiday, the judge said. Several other complaints by the union were dismissed, however. Those include accusations that Amazon said take-home pay would fall in the case of unionization, and that it promised improvements in an educational subsidy program if workers voted against the union. The union also protested Amazon saying workers would be fired if they formed a union but failed to pay union dues. The latter was not illegal, the judge ruled, and the other complaints were overstated.Amazon took all that as a positive. "We’re glad that the judge dismissed 19 — nearly all — of the allegations in this case," said spokesperson Mary Kate Paradis in a statement to the NYT. "The facts continue to show that the teams in our buildings work hard to do the right thing."The judge set aside one decision brought by the labor board as to whether employers can force workers to attend anti-union meetings. That puts the ball in the court of the NLRB, which can overturn a 75-year old ruling. "I believe that the NLRB case precedent, which has tolerated such meetings, is at odds with fundamental labor-law principles," the labor board's lawyer Jennifer Abruzzo wrote in a memo last year.

WD_Black SSDs and SanDisk cards are up to 50 percent off at Amazon
WD_Black SSDs and SanDisk cards are up to 50 percent off at Amazon

If you need extra storage for your gaming computers or your gadgets, you may want to check out Amazon's latest sale. It features several Western Digital Black gaming SSDs in different capacities, as well as SanDisk microSDs for up to half off their original price. The smallest capacity SSD in the list is WD_Black's 250GB Internal Gaming SSD, which you can get for $35. That's 42 percent off its original price of $60 and is an all-time low for the product. For just a few bucks more at $40, though, you can get the 500GB version of the solid state drive. That's only 10 cents more than the lowest price we've seen it go for on the website and is half the product's original price of $80. Buy WD_Black SSDs and SanDisk microSDs at Amazon - up to 50 percent offYou can also buy a 1TB WD_Black Internal Gaming SSD for $70, or 46 percent less than its retail price of $130 and an all-time low for the component. Need an even bigger storage space? The 2TB version of the model (SN770) is currently on sale for $135, which is 10 percent off its original price of $150. Both 1TB and 2TB SN770 SSDs can reach speeds of up to 5,150MB/s and come in an M.2 form factor. But if you want faster SSDs and don't mind paying more, you can get the SN850X model in 1TB or 2TB capacities instead. The 1TB SN850X Internal Gaming SSD is currently selling for $110, and while it sold for less in the past, that's still 31 percent off retail. For $70 more, you can double that capacity and get the 2TB SN850X at 38 percent less than usual. Both components have speeds that can go up to 7,300 MB/s. Also, you'll be able to monitor all these SSDs' health and switch RGB styles through WD_Black's dashboard. In case you're on the lookout for a microSD instead, SanDisk's 256GB Ultra microSDXC memory card is back to its lowest Black Friday price of $20 or 39 percent off retail. SanDisk's 1TB Ultra microSDXC is also available for purchase at a discount right now: You can get the $137 card for its all-time low price of $100. Both are available at these prices as Lightning Deals, which means you can only get them at a discount for a limited time. Follow @EngadgetDeals on Twitter and subscribe to the Engadget Deals newsletter for the latest tech deals and buying advice.

Amazon beats estimates for quarterly sales - Reuters
Amazon beats estimates for quarterly sales - Reuters Inc (AMZN.O) beat Wall Street estimates for quarterly sales on Thursday, as the retailer's marketing blitz during the holiday period helped attract shoppers.